Riddick keeps his deadly word in an action-packed new Riddick trailer

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The first half of this new international trailer for Riddick is pretty much the same as the last Riddick trailer, but if you can push through, you'll be rewarded with a lot of new footage, including more action, more monsters, and lots more Riddick keeping his promises (you'll see).


Again, Riddick looks exactly like Pitch Black, but it looks like a better Pitch Black. I'm not complaining.


Erik Sofge

So many obvious greenscreen panoramas...

I understand why this is basically a Pitch Black redux, to a near Evil Dead 2 extent, but that's kind of a bummer. As atrocious as most of the dialogue was in Chronicles of Riddick, man was that an exciting setting, with so many beautiful character designs. I know the budget was beyond tight, for this one, but I really wish they had figured out a framework to amp up the Necromonger stuff, instead of ditching it entirely.