Ricky Gervais' Hideous Creatures Get 3D Movie

Illustration for article titled Ricky Gervais Hideous Creatures Get 3D Movie

Ricky Gervais' disturbing little creatures, which look like a mix of private parts and lung butter, will be flying into your laps 3D in their own major motion picture. Is there room for more monsters?


The Flanimals are part of a four volume series, illustrated by Rob Sheen, and written by British comic Ricky Gervais. The main blob will voiced by Gervais, and it could actually be quite hilarious to see someone animate the Brit's infamous stutter-and-stop delivery.

This species inhabits another planet, and there are over 50 different types of these intentionally hideous creatures. Universal-based Illumination Entertainment will be making the feature, in which we all learn that beauty is in the eye of the beholder — unless you look like that guy up there. There's no helping him.



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crashedpc /sarcasm

Are those butt udders?