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Rick and Morty Shorts And 3D Printing Make For A Heavily Intoxicated Good Time

Illustration for article titled iRick and Morty /iShorts And 3D Printing Make For A Heavily Intoxicated Good Time

The 3D Print Guy has a brilliant YouTube gimmick: he 3D prints plastic figures, and then he animates them. This time, he sculpts and animates the sneakiest, most mischievous Rick of all: Tiny Rick.


Tiny Rick, a diminuitive younger clone of Rick and Morty’s eponymous, drunken scientist, gets a more self-consciously cartoony treatment in 3D Print Guy’s work, becoming an adorable chibi version of himself. Then, with an interdimensional portal gun in tow, Tiny Rick goes on adventures through the realities of Bob’s Burgers, Minecraft, and more.

This video, viewable below, is an impressive work of craftsmanship. In the first few minutes of the video, he showcases the process he uses to build his elaborate Tiny Rick model, ending with a 3D printed figurine (that you can print yourself if you’ve got a sufficiently powerful 3D printer). Then, he animates that model in a short that begins at approximately the 4:20 mark. Because of course it does.


I’ll leave it to you to discover what’s next. But it involves Creepers, burger puns, and samurai swords. Like all good times, really.

io9 Weekend Editor. Videogame writer at other places. Queer nerd girl.

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Just to be pedantic, the actual animations were done via the 3D Z-brush models... it’s not stop-animation using actual 3D printed figures. That would be absolutely insane.

I’ve got my own 3D printing project where I’m creating free 5" 3D-printable action figures for every single Doctor Who monster that doesn’t yet have an official release, and let me tell you, even with a top of the line printer, you’re looking at about a day to print one small-sized figure like the one he showed. If it was being animated by hand, he’d still be working on it when Season 4 finally rolls around.

For the 5-inch figures that I’m currently working on, it can take over two weeks to print all the bits of a larger figure like one of the War Machines!

Shameless plug: If you want to follow what I’m working on, you can check out my 3D Printing Doctor Who facebook group here: