Rick and Morty Come to a Startling Realization in This Season Three Sneak Peek

As we wait—and wait—and wait—for Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland’s animated series Rick & Morty to return, this near-three-minute look the upcoming third season might help tide us all over. It’s only storyboards nd voices, but it still has that ol’ Rick Sanchez magic, by which of course I mean science. (Mad science.)


The peek was part of an Adult Swim livestream a week and a half ago (hence the three dudes in the lower-left corner who are watching it, too), \ but it includes Rick cockblocking Morty, an interstellar battle inside a giant monstrous organism which looks uncannily like some kind of macro space insemination, and both Rick and Morty coming to a rather important realization about their galactic, infinitely dangerous adventures. It’s good stuff.

Thanks to George S. for the tip.

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Bleh. I didn’t like how that scene finished up at all.

It kind of ruins the character of Rick, to have him acting like Morty at the end of all that. The entire point of Rick is that he IS always in control, on some level, even when he’s not. And that when he isn’t, he’d never show it. I mean, entire cross-episode threads were based in previous seasons on him not “letting people in”.

That seems super out of character and takes all the fun out of Rick.