Richard Nixon has a dark secret, in the latest Doctor Who teaser video

This "prequel" to season six of Doctor Who just went up on the BBC America website, and it features Richard Nixon getting a mysterious phone call. (Sounds like "Look behind you" is the new "Are you my mummy?")


Best part: Nixon saying "There are no monsters in the Oval Office," in exactly the same tone the real-life Tricky Dick used for, "I am not a crook." [BBC America]

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James Whitbrook

You know what, I don't care that people are complaining that it's 'The Empty Child again'... It's still just as creepy and freaky the second time round as it was the first! Moffat knows how to write good creepy stuff, not just for younger viewers, but for the older ones too.

Who's the mysterious security guard/alien? Is it the Silence? Will Nixon go futurama style and say 'Awrroooo!' a lot? Only time will tell!