Richard Dean Anderson Leads Charge Of Stargate Alums To New Universe

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It may be a bold new Stargate Universe, but there's still room for some familiar faces - and the reappearance of Richard Dean Anderson, Stargate SG-1's Jack O'Neill, is just one of many. Spoilers ahead...


Stargate Universe co-creator Brad Wright told Gateworld that Anderson will be appearing in multiple episodes of the new show. He described their relationship with Anderson as "always ongoing" - suggesting Jack O'Neill has plenty of reappearances in his future. Wright mentioned that the actor was on set this Wednesday, where the episode "Earth" is currently filming (there's some discrepancy as to whether this is now the fifth or sixth episode of the series). Anderson's Jack O'Neill has been promoted to a three-star general since his last appearance.

Richard Dean Anderson's return is the latest in a flurry of reports, rumors, and speculation regarding SG-1 and Atlantis characters appearing in the new show, despite the fact that Universe's premise of a stranded crew with no way of getting back to Earth would seemingly make guest appearances a bit tricky. Indeed, most of the current reports of returning stars have clustered around the first episode "Air, Part 1" before the Universe cast gets stuck on the alien starship Destiny and in "Earth", where they use an alien communications device to briefly return home.


Michael Shanks and Gary Jones, SG-1's Daniel Jackson and Walter Harriman, will appear in "Air, Part 1", and Jones has also mentioned he is appearing with Anderson at some point, so either Jones is also in "Earth", Anderson is also in "Air, Part 1", or both. Robert Picardo, who played Richard Woolsey on SG-1 and Atlantis, has also been asked to appear early in the show's run, according to an interview from a while ago.

Then there's the report that both Michael Shanks and Samantha Carter actress Amanda Tapping's appearances at this week's Stargate convention in Vancouver have been moved from Sunday to Saturday in order to accommodate some early Monday morning filming - which may or may not be for Stargate Universe.

There was also an offhand mention, a while back, that Ona Grauer, who played the alien Ancient Ayiana, shares a scene with Justin Louis, Universe's Colonel Everett Young. It just goes to show you - the more things change, the more they stay the same, even when you're trapped on an ancient alien probe traveling to the furthest reaches of the cosmos.



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Awesome! I'd expected some SG-1/SGA cameos in at least the first episode, and it's even better that it's Anderson who they were able to have return.