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Richard Alpert's Darkest Secrets And Timothy Dalton's Doctor Who Role — Revealed!

Illustration for article titled Richard Alperts Darkest Secrets And Timothy Daltons Doctor Who Role — Revealed!
Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

What roles do Timothy Dalton and CCH Pounder play in Doctor Who and Avatar, respectively? It's a spoiler! What will Lost reveal about the ageless Richard Alpert? Plus TV spots from Daybreakers and Lovely Bones. Plus Wolfman and True Blood!



Did you know Warehouse 13/The Shield's CCH Pounder was in this movie? I didn't, until I was looking at the film's imdb page. I was curious, so I dug up this interview with her from April 2007, in which she explains:

I'm playing Moha and she is the queen of the Na'Vi nation, and so it's an environmental love adventure in another time and space.


I'm glad the Na'Vi have some solid leadership. Maybe this is the answer to who's really running the warehouse? [IGN]

Doctor Who:

You may have noticed Timothy Dalton narrating the recent trailers for David Tennant's final two-parter, "The End Of Time." And apparently this is apt, because he plays a character called The Narrator, who may or may not be a villain. (But that doesn't the earlier reports of him playing a Time Lord are untrue — note that he's wearing a Time Lord robe in the one photo we've seen of him so far.) So the Doctor and the Master meet... the Narrator? Okay. [Scotsman]

Also, according to the Radio Times preview, we'll be seeing a more desperate incarnation of the Master this time around. John Simm describes his newest portrayal as "emo Master." (Oh dear.) He's sporting punk-white hair under a hoodie and looking lost, while flashing in and out of "skeleton mode." This is a Master "who's lived and died, and now lives again — although he's seen healthier days," explains Simm. "He's desperate, and desperate means dangerous." Both he and the Doctor want to survive, but they're both heading for death. And here are some scans. [PlanetGallifrey and BlogtorWho]



It sounds like episode 6x08 will be all about the mysterious Richard Alpert, and will be called "Ab Aeterno," (or "from eternity.") It's filming now, and it seems like a big chunk of it has to do with the Black Rock, that crashed British trading ship. Supposed inside sources say that the show will be filming a ton of Black Rock scenes using a greenscreen in the studio on Monday. (As always, take any reports that claim to be based on unnamed "inside sources" with a pinch of salt.)


According to these sources (some of whom are posting in the comments over at DarkUFO, but have apparently been authenticated somehow according to the site's owner) Richard Alpert arrives on the Black Rock, and he sails on that ship after his wife dies. And we discover that Alpert really is immortal. Besides Alpert, the crew of the Black Rock includes Father Suarez and Captain Whitfield. And after Alpert arrives on the island, he meets the Man In Black, who was last seen playing with Jacob in the season finale. Also present when the Black Rock crashes: the smoke monster.

There's also a rumor (which apparently is less well authenticated) that some of the castaways from Flight 815 turn up on the Black Rock, although it's not clear whether this happens in the present or back in the 19th century. And one of those supposed inside sources is saying there'll be some developments which make the Kate/Sawyer relationship less likely. [SpoilersLost]


Spanish channel Quatro aired a new trailer for season six as well as a lengthy segment where they visited the set and interviewed many of the stars. [SL-Lost]

Also, there are more photos of the hole in the ground that's supposed to be Locke's grave. It looks just like a hole in the ground, really. [The ODI]


The Lovely Bones:

Here's a TV spot for this Peter Jackson film that I don't think we've shown you before:



And there's a pretty neat TV spot for this vampire dystopia movie too. [Cinemablend]


The Wolfman:

Here are three new international posters. [Empire Online]

True Blood:

Ugly Betty's Grant Bowler is joining the cast, but he won't say what role he's playing. [Daily Telegraph via True-Blood]



Here's the official description for the Dec. 10 episode, "Grey Matters":

During the investigation of strange circumstances surrounding brain surgeries at a mental hospital, Olivia finds a reason to believe the leader of the shape-shifters may have something to do with it. Leonard Nimoy guest stars as William Bell


[TV Guide]

Stargate Universe:

Here are some promo pics for episode 10, "Justice." [SpoilerTV]


One more promo showing you a checklist of cool spy items:



In episode 14, we'll be meeting two more FBI agents: Special Agent Buckner, who's backslappy but has a serious dark side, and Agent Danforth Crowley, who's a family man with a patriotic streak. Plus alpha-male businessman Corey Liebman, and Caitlynn, a little girl who screams when her bithday party is disrupted. [SpoilerTV]


Additional reporting by Mary Ratliff.

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The Narrator?

I like The Master vs The Doctor, but The Narrator sounds rather lame.

This makes the Timelords out to be like the Smurfs where each of them is named after what they do.