Rian Johnson Hilariously Endorses Fan Remake of The Last Jedi

“And they started a Twitter account and everything”
“And they started a Twitter account and everything”
Photo: Disney

Twitter was abuzz this morning when news of a “fan remake” of Star Wars: The Last Jedi went viral. Then the man behind The Last Jedi put the cherry on top of the fun.


Earlier this month, a group using the Twitter handle @RMTheLastJedi began a campaign to raise money to remake writer/director Rian Johnson’s eighth episode in the Star Wars saga. We don’t have to go into the reasons. We have a good idea. Suffice to say, the project itself raises so many questions it’s mind-boggling, paramount among them “Did you secure the rights from Disney?”

Anyway, today these tweets began to spread like wildfire, gaining the attention of Star Wars author Chuck Wendig, actor and producer Seth Rogen, and, finally, Johnson himself—who responded perfectly.

If you want a good laugh, we highly encourage going down the rabbit hole of their ideas. It’s hilarious.

As of publication, the group’s site claims to have pledges of over $11 million but, if you “pledge,” you don’t actually have to “donate.” So we assume some of that is just people having a bit of fun with them.


We’re with Rian. Please, please, please make this happen.



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I have one questions for the folks behind this “remake.”

Do they not know about fanfic?

Like, if you want to make your own Star Wars stories, you can! They just won’t be canon, and nobody else has to accept or enjoy or even look at them. But you’ll probably make some cool friends.

I recently chatted with a friend about why there appear to be so few (cishet) men in fanfic communities. She suggested they don’t write or engage with fanfic because the media they enjoy caters to their interests/expectations 99 percent of the time, so there’s no need to look beyond it. They don’t write fanfic because they don’t need it—so now that they’ve been disappointed by a movie (for the first time in their lives, to hear them talk), they don’t know how to cope.

It doesn’t occur to these guys to, say, accept that they have no control over canon and explore their own ideas through writing fanfic (which is what female/queer/trans/nonwhite/marginalized fans in general have been doing practically forever).

No, the only possible solution is to somehow force Disney to retract the offending movie and remake it to their liking, because their opinion is the only one that matters.

The sense of entitlement is staggering.

If you don’t like the movie (or even if you do and want to play in the sandbox, like me) just make an ao3 account like everybody else.