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Rey and Finn Go on the Run in the First Clip From Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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Sure, if you’ve been following along with all the trailers and TV spots, you’ve probably seen a good 5-to-10 minutes or so of The Force Awakens already. You’re about to see another 15 seconds on top of that, though, with the first official clip from the movie making its way to the web late last night!


To be fair, the actual clip (above) isn’t really new—the shot of Finn and Rey running away from some strafing TIE Fighters has been in oodles of trailers and TV spots pretty much since the second teaser from Star Wars Celebration earlier this year. But now there’s dialogue to it—well, I say dialogue, but it’s pretty much John Boyega’s Finn screaming his voice raw. Understandable, considering they’re running for their lives from some very angry TIE pilots. Rey does point out that she’s a pretty good pilot, but that’s no surprise considering we’ve seen snippets of her on the Captain’s chair of the Millennium Falcon, too.

But wait, there’s more! With less than a month to go now, we’re getting snifters of new Star Wars footage pretty much everywhere, guaranteeing what is pretty much going to be a complete global saturation of all things Star Wars-y for the coming weeks. We can’t escape it, so we might as well just let it all in. First up, following the X-Wing-tacular TV spot over the weekend, there’s now another one—it’s mostly older footage, but there is a new shot of the massive army of the First Order performing what is basically a Nazi Salute:

You know, because the parallels between the Empire and the Nazis weren’t quite clear enough already.


And if you’re still not satisfied for what is probably now your daily dose of Star Wars media, the official Star Wars app has also put out a bunch of new animated gifs featuring footage from the film. More specifically, they’re pretty much the entirety of this Finn-focused TV spot in teeny repeating bursts, for your pleasure:


Still love that ballsy Stormtrooper with his riot baton going up against Finn. You do you, little guy/girl. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is in theaters December 18th.

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