In just one clip, Revolution shows the difference between a plot twist that actually feels organic and natural to the characters... and one that feels random and totally WTF-based. See for yourself!

Last night's episode of Revolution wins a total free pass from me because it had the coil guns that make people explode into splatter blobs. Plus a lot of shit blowing up, right and left. You could fill an entire hour with people splattering and shit blowing up, and I wouldn't care if you interspersed it with Rachel and Bass processing their feelings. Splatter guns! Never a bad thing.


But yeah, the Rachel/Bass processing was the weakest part of the episode. Also, in flashbacks, we learned that Rachel felt bad about her role in turning the power off.

But meanwhile! The Nevilles got captured by Bass' men because they were hung out to dry. And Tom Neville foments rebellion among Bass' newest Captain, who is set up early in the episode as a weak link in the organization. (We see him questioning Bass' leadership. It's very subtle.) And it actually works! And now Tom and his son are finally united behind a reasonable goal of knocking Bass off his perch once and for all. That's actually quite awesome.

And meanwhile, the payoff to the whole "secret underground bunker" thing is that it's being occupied by wackjobs who want to keep anyone from getting to the super-powered Level 12 — and then there's a twist that feels fully as though someone pulled it out of their butt: If you turn the power back on, there's a chance the world... will burn!

Er... what, now? Google's habitual facial expression actually seems appropriate, for once.


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