Revolting clip from Under the Dome shows Stephen King's dark side

In just a few days, CBS will premiere their take on Stephen King's epic horror novel Under The Dome. Which, up until now, looked like a PG-rated translation of King's work. Not any more! Take a look at some footage, including all the disgusting cow-slicing action you could want.


Based on the book by the same name, the series is centered around a little town that is swiftly quarantined in a giant dome. As you can guess, all hell breaks loose. Here's a longer look at the series, that shows a lot more of how this quarantine will change the lives of the citizens. For example, how do you put out a fire when all the fire trucks are gone?

Under the Dome will premiere on June 24.

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Granted, it's been a while since I've swiftly sliced a cow in half, but I'm guessing that you're supposed to see a lot more organs and bones and whatnot on the inside, and not just bloody pulp.

Google "Damien Hirst cow" for a more accurate idea of what you see when you bisect a cow.