Revel in All the Decadence of the Edwardian Period in This Sumptuous Video

In Mark Day's amazing short video of San Francisco's recent Edwardian Ball, it's hard to decide what's more astonishing: the cosplay or the incredible stage performances. It's like the gothic supernatural version of Downton Abbey — or maybe, it's just what everybody else was doing during the Edwardian period while the aristocracy worried about which white shirt to wear for dinner. Either way, you won't be able to tear your eyes away.


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The Edwardian Ball is great fun, but is really only a nod to the actual Edwardian period. I was one of the few people there dressed in accurate period clothing, and I looked out of place among all of the fishnets and steampunk regalia. Given the dominance of steampunk, they should just go ahead and re-name it The Steampunk Ball.