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Revel in All the Amazing New Seconds of New Game of Thrones Footage

In HBO’s year-end “Look how awesome we were in 2015, we’ll also be awesome in 2016,” there are about four seconds of footage from season six of Game of Thrones. You can either skip to 2:15 in the video above, or see it in gif form below. Your choice.


First, we have Daenerys looking smudged and with unkempt hair:


And Ramsay riding in the snow with the flayed man banner of the House of Bolton behind him:

And Cersei embracing Tommen:


And that’s all she wrote! HBO teased a little by showing Jon Snow in the early “thanks for 2015” part of the video, which makes sense. They’ve been happily trolling on that front for a while now.

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I hope Ramsay dies this season.