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Two new Watchmen TV spots include Dr. Manhattan's final fear. Glimpse Avatar's alien planet. Discover an illict BSG hookup. Plus clips from Lost and Clone Wars, a Terminator Salvation photo, and Heroes dope. Spoiler madness!


Two new TV spots! They include a slightly better look at the genesis of Dr. Manhattan, including a nifty voice-over. And a couple of nice Silk Spectre 2 moments.



TotalFilm has a new plot synopsis for James Cameron's long-awaited labor of OCD:

Unfolding in the distant future on an exotic alien planet called Pandora, it's the story of paraplegic ex-Marine Jake Sully.

After undergoing an experiment to exist in the alien world as an avatar – a blue, 10ft-tall, genetically engineered biological body, controlled by his human mind – Sully finds himself torn in a fight for his own survival and that of Pandora's indigenous people, the Na'vi.

Cameron's script sets up an epic war between the native race of an incredible world and the humans who want to exploit it.


And here are a couple of pics. More at the link. [Total Film]


Terminator Salvation:

Here's a new pic of Common as one of John Connor's resistance comrades. [Wooha]


Battlestar Galactica:

In the Feb. 27 episode, "Helo will have a steamy scene with Sharon (Grace Park)- only to find out that it's another Cylon model of his love that slipped between the sheets." [TV Guide via Battlestar Blog]


Michael Emerson says season five just keeps getting more action packed, with the fighting and the explosions. People are falling through time, falling through space, and even falling underground. We'll probably see that hydrogen bomb again. And Ben will find a way to turn Sun around.


And Elizabeth Mitchell says Juliet is at the center of some violence this season, and we'll get to see what's been bubbling beneath the surface of her character all along. Episode 5x08, "LaFleur," is a big episode for Juliet, with twists and turns that make you go "Oh, good lord." [The Daily Beast and The Daily Beast, via Doc Arzt]

Sam Anderson, who plays Bernard, told a radio station he's had some scenes with Juliet lately, and also a few scenes with Sawyer. [SpoilersLost]

A few new clips from tonight's episode. [E! Online]


And here's Daniel Dae Kim on The View:


That was a false alarm about Daphne the Speedster, apparently - she'll be in a bunch of episodes, coming up. At some point, she gets kidnapped but Matt thinks she's dead and it makes him take a "dark turn." Also, we'll see how HRG has provided the Hunter with intel on all the heroes and how to neutralize their abilities. Rachel Mills, from the awesome webisodes, will appear in episodes 3x18 and 3x19. Mohinder only has super-strength and no other powers, say the show's producers. And when we meet Young Bob in episode 3x23, we'll see him use his alchemy powers. [The ODI]


Star Wars: Clone Wars:

Here's a new clip from Friday's two-part extravaganza, the one with the deadly blue virus. [Lucasfilm]

Additional reporting by Alasdair Wilkins.