Retro travel posters for the world's top cryptozoological hot spots

Typically, when you see advertisements tempting travelers to visit Puerto Rico, you hear about the beautiful beaches, the history, but not El Chupacabra. Artist Fernando Reza corrects this and similar oversights with a line of mythical travel posters. Come for the bioluminescent kayaking, stay for the goatsuckers.

Reza has these posters—as well as posters advertising the Loch Ness Monster, the fairies of Derbyshire, and the Frogman of Loveland, Ohio—for sale on his site for $35 each. I especially enjoy that he casts them as advertisements for the now-defunct airline TWA. A TWA plane sighting would, itself, be a cryptocommerical event.


Mythic Beasts Travel Posters [Fro Design Company via Laughing Squid]


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