MGM's new movie, Hot Tub Time Machine, takes a closer look into the lives of a group of guys that own a hot tub and drink a lot of vodka and red bull, then figure out how to travel back in time to discover their past "mojo" โ€” via their tub. Josh Heald (All You Can Eat) is the author behind this tome and Cale Boyter (Next Friday, Final Destination) MGM's executive vice president of production will oversee the project. Production has already begun. Sadly, this won't be the greatest time traveling tub movie of all time.

That honor belongs to College Humor's series Clock Suckers, which is about a group of friends that link a Simon Says toy to a bath tub, which allows them to travel in time. It's an animated short (with a lot of bad language), in which our heroes go back and mess with Al Capone, Elvis and other historical figures. A clip is included for your viewing pleasure.


To be honest, Hot Tub Time Machine lost me with the word "mojo." I only hope they travel through time by tossing a toaster into their hot water.

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