Want to know more about a minor character's climb up the ranks of the Resistance? The new six-episode Terminator Salvation machinima takes place two years before the film, exploring new bots and resistance-building.

The machinima series follows Moon's character, Blair Williams. So far, it looks like all the same storylines as the Terminator Salvation game, but it does have new kill bots, and I know you all love that. Here is the official description:

The Resistance is the last hope for survival. Commanded by the remnants of a decimated military system, resistance fighters battle the machines of Skynet day and night without quitting. Blair Williams is one of these fighters. Blair is in her early 30's and is old enough to remember a normal life but vital enough to learn how to fight. She is highly skilled and superbly courageous - traits that often get her some of the hardest missions.

We meet Blair at the beginning of one of these missions. She has been sent into the heart of downtown Los Angeles, a known hot zone, to seek out and destroy something called "The Ghost" - a code name designated to a machine designed to interfere with Command's communications. The resistance knows that Skynet is ever evolving and this must be just another tactic to bring down the leadership. Without the ability to talk to each other, the Resistance would simply fracture and collapse. It was already starting to happen.


The series is currently available on iTunes and Amazon.

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