Resident Evil's Army of Alices Get a Preboot

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Once the army of short-skirted Alices roundhouse kicks the flood of zombies back into oblivion, Milla's story gets a reboot. New Resident Evil flicks will focus on the original underground movement to destroy Umbrella and the T-Virus.


Bloody Disgusting has confirmed a new crop of Resident Evils is on the way after Milla Jovovich's final 3D showdown, Resident Evil 4: Afterlife. The next feature will be all about the secret military operation that tried to infiltrate and destroy Umbrella Corp. It's currently titled Resident Evil Begins.

This is a fantastic idea. Umbrella and Raccoon City will never get old to me, but I have to admit, once they gave Milla mind powers, my mind checked out a bit as well. Good to see this franchise getting back to its conspiracy theory roots.

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No no no no. This whole series just needs to go away. The first was amusing enough, but it's been sliding downhill with each succesive sequel. At the very least, wait a few years before doing a reboot.