Resident Evil trailer shows Umbrella Corp's next horrific experiment

Die hard Resident Evil fans all want to know what happened in Alaska. Did Alice ever make it? What about Claire? The latest Resident Evil: Afterlife trailer answers these questions — and reveals a few new Umbrella Corp horrors.

Thanks to Attack of The Show, we can see all the new little horrors Resident Evil will be subjecting its characters to this time around. Pulling Umbrella Corp toys right out of the video games, it looks like we're in for more than just zombies this time. See the red glowing chest plate on Claire? Perhaps the evil company is looking for a new way to control the non-infected humans on the surface of the burned planet? In the game, this red plate controls any host who wears it.

Resident Evil Afterlife will be in theaters September 10, 2010.

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Yeah the red plate comes straight from Resident Evil 5 Meredith, in case you haven't played it(or anyone else haven't played it)...

I loved the first three, but I was not excited for the 2nd or 3rd ones...the 4th one is gonna get me right back into it though.