"Resident Evil" director Paul W.S. Anderson tells us what female action heroes can do that men can't

Now we know what happens to people who grow up watching the Die Hard series alongside the films of Jean-Luc Goddard. Resident Evil: Afterlife (filmed in 3D!) comes out today.


Ok, since he didn't have anything insightful to say (though the notion that a woman by her very presences is always a sexual object, whereas a man is not is a topic worth discussing, but it might be a little off topic), let's share our theories about what separates female and male actions stars (besides the boobs).

To me it's about the societal view of women as caregivers. Because they are seen that way, when they are action heroes they are more of a protector than an aggressor. Be that a good or a bad thing, it does seem to be the difference. Now, does that allow them to do things the man could not?