Men who drop their trousers and display their genitals on the internet can now be detected more reliably and automatically, is the thrust of this new study.

In "SafeVchat: Detecting Obscene Content and Misbehaving Users in Online Video Chat Services" (Xinyu Xing, Yu-Li Liang, Hanqiang Cheng, Jianxun Dang, Sui Huang, Richard Han, Xue Liu, Qin Lv, Shivakant Mishra, arXiv:1101.3124v1m, January 17, 2011) the authors, at University of Colorado at Boulder, McGill University, and Ohio State University, explain:

Online video chat services such as Chatroulette, Omegle, and vChatter that randomly match pairs of users in video chat sessions are fast becoming very popular, with over a million users per month in the case of Chatroulette. A key problem encountered in such systems is the presence of flashers and obscene content…. This paper presents SafeVchat, a novel solution to the problem of flasher detection that employs an array of image detection algorithms…. The paper introduces a novel, motion-based skin detection method that achieves significantly higher recall and better precision.


Thanks to investigator Kumiko Odeki for bringing this to our attention.

This post originally appeared on Improbable Research.