Reports of pyrokinesis in a Chilean town

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Fires have been breaking out mysteriously in the home of a Chilean family, and affecting other people in their neighborhood too. Officials say they saw a wallet burst into flame for no apparent reason when they visited the house.


Inexplicata reports:

Residents of a house in the locality of Chiñigue are completely dumbfounded by the strange events associated with pyrokinesis, that is to say, when objects inexplicably burn without any apparent cause.

According to Portal De Melipilla, the events kicked off on the weekend of the national holidays, when several fires broke out on various items of furniture within the home: a dresser, an armchair, a mattress and other items. This prompted a response by the Pomaire fire brigade; after the corresponding investigations, no conclusion has been reached in an effort to ascertain the root causes of the phenomenon.

One of the most recent incidents, recorded only a few days ago, took place when a group of municipal officials visited the site to deliver materials. While speaking to the house's occupants, a room became filled with smoke, arising from the sudden combustion of a wallet lying on a dresser, which was also damaged by the blaze.

The officials could not believe their eyes, as they could not explain how the wallet caught fire. It contained documents, cash and personal items that could not trigger a fire.

Unexplained fires have also affected other homes neighboring the initial site, causing greater distress among local residents.


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"pyrokinesis, that is to say, when objects inexplicably burn without any apparent cause."

Uhm - nope. Pyrokinesis would mean the fires where activly caused by someone's mental abilities (BTW Stephen King's invention) This is at best spontanious combustion - which probably doesn't exist either so its' probably something catching fire in the end.