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In December 2009, a homeless couple in San Antonio called 911 after witnessing a mysterious creature carry away a deer. News 4's Delaine Mathieu recently joined Dallas-based Bigfoot investigators TBIG for an evening of man-ape hunting. What did they find?


Delaine Mathieu of News 4 recently joined TBIG's team in the woods near Leakey, Texas. A trucker spotted a Bigfoot here in 2006 , and according to TBIG's Troy Hudson, "I've been in the woods a lot as a child and I've seen things I can't explain to you."

Here's Mathieu's report.

They didn't find anything that night, but Hudson remains sanguine about Americans finding the missing link in their own backyards:

If people in Vermont are reporting a tree knock and a whoop as well as someone in California, Florida, Utah, Oklahoma, Texas — it only leads you to believe that there's something out there.


TBIG investigator Chase Robinson encourages Bigfoot naysayers to give a night in Bigfoot-sighting hot zones a go - "Try it. Before you condemn us, go out and try it [...] See what they see and listen to the sounds of the night."

[via WOAI]

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