Report: Wonder Woman 1984 and Dune Release Dates Likely to Be Moved

Diana, apparently looking at a release calendar.
Diana, apparently looking at a release calendar.
Photo: Warner Bros.

Are you still buzzing over that new Dune trailer today? Well, it’s probably best if you dial it back just a notch.


Deadline reports Warner Bros. is very likely to move the release dates of Wonder Woman 1984, currently scheduled for October 2, and Dune, currently scheduled for December 18, back. Though exact dates have yet to be announced, the trade guesses Wonder Woman 1984 could move to November or December and Dune sometime into 2021.

io9 reached out to Warner Bros. for further clarification or confirmation but did not hear back as of publication.


A move to November would be interesting for Wonder Woman because it would potentially put the DC film up against Marvel’s Black Widow, which is currently set for a November 6 debut. However, Deadline predicts Disney could be considering moving Widow out of that slot too.

All of this has to do with a few things. The first is that many theaters are still closed as major markets such as New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco remain shut down. Also, Warner Bros. opened Tenet last weekend with fairly disappointing results. The hope is it will play for multiple, steady weeks to gross the kind of money it surely would’ve had a pandemic not hit. So, opening Wonder Woman 1984 a few weeks later could hurt the Nolan film.

All of which is to say...don’t go buying advanced tickets to any movies for the rest of 2020 just yet. Everything is still in flux and until these films are actually being projected in a theater, anything can happen. We’ll update this post when, or if, any of this becomes official.


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Only in 2020 and under the current circumstances could you possibly announce this and have me yell “YES, PLEASE GOD MAKE THIS HAPPEN”. Among several other things, this year will be remembered for how many things people have said that they never expected to utter in their entire lives.

Which makes me curious... Have you found yourself saying anything that made you go “Wow, the me from 2019 would have NEVER said this”?  Reply and let me know.  Sounds fun and I’m bored.