Report: The Witcher Season 3 Might Be Entering Production Sooner Than Expected

Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia.
Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia.
Image: Netflix

The Witcher is currently in limbo between its first and second season, but its third season might already be confirmed and underway in some form or fashion, if a recent report is to be believed.


According to the Witcher fan site Redanian Intelligence and confirmed by Games Radar, the Writer’s Guild of America West has posted a directory reference for a third season of the show. It’s a thin reference right now, listing Lauren Hissrich as executive producer and listing 2020-2021 as the production dates for the season.

WGA’s directory isn’t always accurate, but it’s been a harbinger of leaks before, as Games Radar points out. And it would make sense, considering the coronavirus delays, to start production on some part of the third season—the writing, if nothing else-as soon as possible to get back on a regular schedule in the hypothetical future where the world returns to being a moderately predictable place. This fits with Netflix’s big plan with The Witcher, too, which generally seems to be, “Make as much of it as possible.”

The Witcher’s second season is still in production, too, and is slated for release sometime next year.

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Very promising news. Netflix has a habit of nuking series after the second season, both so they don’t have to pay higher compensation to the show staff and because they like doing tons of new shows to drive subscriber sign-ups. Going forward with a third season is extra proof that they’ve got a hit.