Report: The Next Batman Movie Might Already Have Its Villains

Michelle Pfeiffer and Danny DeVito in Batman Returns.
Michelle Pfeiffer and Danny DeVito in Batman Returns.
Image: Warner Bros.

Alongside news of the Rescue Rangers film, the Hollywood Reporter dropped one more bombshell last night, in the form of a well-sourced rumor about the future of Matt Reeves’ The Batman movie: in particular, its villains.


According to the report, Reeves is still working on his script, but it’s said to have, at this stage of development, at least two villains: The Penguin and another mystery villain. Catwoman is also rumored to play a role in the story, though whether it’s as a villain or something more complicated is not known.

The Penguin hasn’t seen a big-screen adaptation since Batman Returns in the early nineties, so he would make an interesting choice. Though it’d also be lovely to see a villain or two we’ve never seen before.

The Batman is roughly scheduled for a 2021 release, and Robert Pattinson is apparently in the lead for the eponymous batty role.

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