Report: Michelle Yeoh Could Be Getting Her Own Star Trek Spinoff

Michelle Yeoh as Captain Georgiou.
Michelle Yeoh as Captain Georgiou.
Image: CBS

Michelle Yeoh, as Captain Philippa Georgiou and then, later, as the evil Emperor Georgiou from the Mirror Universe, was one of the most captivating parts of Star Trek: Discovery’s first season. And we may be seeing a lot more of her.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, Yeoh is in talks with CBS to helm a Star Trek spinoff series of her very own, reprising her role as one Georgiou or another. According to THR, this spinoff, like the others, would be slated for CBS All Access, putting it alongside the ranks of the upcoming Picard show, the upcoming Lower Decks animated comedy, and the fascinating shortform Short Treks anthology.

That’s what we know. Now, of course, is the time for wild speculation. Would this be following, as the THR article suggests, Mirror!Georgiou in her new role in Section 31? A dark, espionage-heavy Trek series would be pretty far removed from the classic spirit of the show, but it could be fascinating, too. A real fish out of water, story. Just, y’know, with a space fascist.

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Interesting. I’d kind of prefer a show about Prime Georgiou, since I found evil alternate Georgiou to be a bit over the top. However a Shezhou set prequel would have the problem that we’d always know where it was headed. So from that point of view it would be much better to move forwards, even if that means having an evil protagonist.

Either way, I’m sure Yeoh will do a stellar job though!