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Report: James Marsden, Amber Heard in Negotiations to Star in The Stand Miniseries

James Marsden in Westworld.
James Marsden in Westworld.
Image: HBO

Slated for release, y’know, when it’s finished, CBS All Access is working on a 10-part adaptation of Stephen King’s apocalyptic epic, The Stand, the story of a plague that ravages the world and the people, good and evil, who survive it.


Collider recently revealed some information about the casting for the series, which is being written by Josh Boone (The Fault in Our Stars) and Ben Cavell (Justified). According to them, James Marsden is in advanced talks for the major role of Stu Redman, the Texas man who finds he’s immune to the terrible virus that overwhelms the planet.

Amber Heard (Aquaman), meanwhile, is on track to play Nadine Cross, a private school teacher who ends up embroiled with the (possible Antichrist) Randall Flagg.


Whoopi Goldberg is also in talks to play Mother Abagail, spiritual leader of the good survivors. Greg Kinnear is in talks to play Glen Bateman, a professor who joins up with Stu on his journey, Odessa Young (Assassination Nation) is in advanced negotiations to play Frannie Goldsmith, a pregnant woman who falls in love with Stu, and Henry Zaga (The New Mutants) is set to play Nick Andros, a young grifter.

The Stand entered the TV lexicon with a classic miniseries in 1994, and many creators have struggled to make their own adaptation of the lengthy novel since then. If it reaches fruition, it’ll probably be the most ambitious thing CBS All Access has accomplished. We’ll see.

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I really liked the original cast in the miniseries. It was a terrific group of character actors who all brought their A games, and Rob Lowe when he was still a big get.

Every time someone talks about being cast as Randall Flagg, I think of how great Jamey Sheridan, a guy I'd never heard of before at the time, was in the role. I'd vote to bring him back, and that's not to say others can't conceivably do great. I just like how he embodied the character.