Repo Men's Organ Home Shopping Channel Offers Sex For Mattresses

Universal has created a web page for Union, the company that sells robotic organs to those in need — until they default on their payments, that is. Check out the goods and the highly sexualized commercials of our near future.

According to the site, The Union has:

The world's most cutting-edge technology in organ replacement. Artiforgs-short for artificial organs- were originally developed to extend the lives of soldiers wounded in combat. We've taken this once-exclusive military technology and made it accessible to the general public. Thanks to our team of skilled scientists and technicians, you too can extend and enhance you life by purchasing your very own artiforg.


Here's a sampling of the pricey goods.

[gallery 5462971]

But even more interesting than the products are the commercials that are screened on the organ home shopping network. There's a mattress salesman who is ready and willing to test out his goods: in bed, with you. And a deodorant ad that claims to hold up to even the most extreme torture scenarios.


Now we're even more interested in this new future — it seems like a better way to shop, honestly.

Check out all the extra details at the Union website.

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I've had multiple corrective surgeries on my back (I've got six screws holding the lumbar region together.) I know these ads are done in a joking manner, but something like that artificial spine would be too tempting to pass up, regardless of the cost.

There is definitely an undercurrent of truth to this concept. People who have experienced a lifetime of pain and suffering will pretty much do anything to fix it. And the idea of corporations taking advantage of that is not too far fetched.