Repairmen Show Up At A Mad Science Lab The Night The Experiments Escape

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Tessa Stone’s violently funny webcomic really does have the perfect title: Not Drunk Enough. Because that’s certainly how repairman Logan feels when he and a coworker show up to a corporate lab for what should be a simple job — and find the place overrun by nightmarish monsters.


In fairness, Logan’s night wasn’t going well before he arrived at Varika Labs. He’s stuck on a job with a much-hated coworker and he just wants get in, get out, and be done with this night. Too bad for him, he may not actually survive until sunrise. Something has gone very, very wrong at the laboratory, and several members of the graveyard shift have already been reduced beyond their constituent parts. There are creatures — living shadows, things that go squish in the night, and Stone’s very own version of the headcrab. Soon Logan is drafted into a fight for survival — along with at least one Varika employee who has had something very strange happen to him.

Not Drunk Enough is a gory comic, but Stone balances it out with humor and plenty of snarky characters. It’s a good thing, too, since they’ll need both their wits and their wit to avoid becoming monster chow.


[Not Drunk Enough]

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I want to take this opportunity to give a shout out to my local lab’s night crew. Without you guys, we’d be getting a lot more bad publicity. I promise you it's all for science and the greater good!