Earlier today a new trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness aired, filled with scenes of death and destruction. What clues are hidden in the new scenes? We broke down only the new moments to see what lies ahead for James T. Kirk and his crew. Warning: spoiler talk!

First new image of the Bridge. Focus on, the Captain's chair.

Chris Pine appears and begs you to dip your toes in the cold, blue pools of his puppy eyeballs. The voice of Christopher Pike (Bruce Greenwood) booms, "There's greatness in you. But there's not an ounce of humility. You think that you can't make mistakes. But there's gonna come a moment when you realize that you were wrong about that. And you're gonna get yourself, and everyone under your command killed."

ROLL CALL for the crew that will die by Kirk's poor decision making skills!







Is this the moment after Kirk gets everybody killed? We guessed earlier that the flyby was for a funeral, now this flag-folding ceremony kind of seals the deal. There is going to be a lot of darkness in Into the Darkness.

Are these caskets? Cutting to this shot after the flag folding seems to imply that these are coffins.


Or are these frozen members of Benedict Cumberbatch's family? The same people that he spoke of in the final moments of this trailer? The ice on the windows seem to imply some sort of cryo-storage. The two gentlemen leaving this building don't look like Starfleet.

Cue the Cumberbatch! "You think you're safe. You are not."

Someone blasts the side of the Enterprise. Are they trying to free a caged Cumberbatch?

A space jump! Could be Kirk, as we see him later screaming in a helmet that was used in the last movie during their space jump.

Space chase. There are two ships here — can anyone identify them? More BRAAAAAMS and terrible things start to happen like lava bursts and people falling through an upturned hallway and Kirk walking into what we're assuming is a damaged Bridge with Cumberbatch in the Captain's chair (all things we've seen in the past trailer).

A goodbye kiss?

During the 9-minute Star Trek Into Darkness prologue footage that aired in select theaters last week, we noticed a giant freaking ring on the actor Noel Clarke's finger. It was so huge it must have been an Academy ring. And now in this trailer we see a weeping Noel drop his ring into a glass. What did he trade Cumberbatch in return for the cure to his daughter's sickness (all things that were revealed in the prologue)? It must have been pretty bad if it caused him this much shame. Our guess? Whatever Spock is pursuing when he base jumps. That couldn't have happened without Noel's help.

Here's the closest look we could get at the ring. The crest seems very familiar. It's probably safe to assume that Noel's character is a member of Starfleet.

Now shit really starts to hit the fan. Scotty is falling!

Kirk is screaming in some sort of cracked helmet (most likely during mid-space jump).

Kirk is holding Benedict Cumberbatch's hair and punching directly into his face. Meanwhile Uhura and Spock stand in the background with their best "I'll allow it," faces. What would cause Kirk to get so mad? And what sort of travesty would have to happen to make Uhura and Spock turn their backs on this face punching? My guess is the death of Dr. Carol Marcus. This character is getting a lot of love in this trailer, which leads me to believe that she is not long for this rebooted franchise. Plus, that slow motion scream she gives out? That's a beautiful character death rattle if ever I saw one.

Kirk with a gun.

What Kirk was shooting at.

Spock's big base jumping moment. In the earlier trailer we spied Spock (phaser drawn) running through a futuristic city. Could this be what he was jumping towards?

Well, whatever Spock was trying to prevent... it doesn't look like it worked.

Zoom in on an intense Kirk. Only to end with the "hand on glass" moment and the "Is there anything you would not do for your family," voiceover from Cumberbatch. Thus implying that Spock and Kirk are now family. On a final note, no way does Spock die in this movie. Even if he was seen in the prologue sporting a red volcano-resistant suit. No. Way.