Remote-control Tron Legacy light cycle toys can drive up walls

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What's the crown jewel of the Tron Legacy toy blitz? This RC light cycle, which uses vacuum-powered suction to scale walls. Also, if another light cycle toy blocks its rear light stream, it'll plummet to earth. Watch it in action!


What other Tron Legacy merchandise is in the works? According to Wired — "Several videogames; a Tron-inspired game console; a keyboard and mouse decked out with blue, glowing lights; high-end headphones; an iPod dock; and the obligatory mobile app." What, no Daft Punk helmets? Wired also has footage of the Wii game, which looks like an epic match of cell phone Snake.

Another curious toy is this hologram-faced action figure of Sam Flynn (lead actor Garrett Hedlund) which comes with a light-up helmet and prerecorded sayings.

This figure reminds me of the five-and-dime action figure line Super Naturals, which also rocked the holographic face shtick almost 20 years ago. (1/3 of the time the bad guy was a man, 1/3 a skeleton, 1/3 a geometric blur!) It was even worse when the Super Naturals' sticker faces peeled off, leaving you thrilling, hollowed-out torsos to adventure with.

[via Wired]



That voice over is too cool.