Remixed Star Wars Sound Effects Create the Catchiest Song of the Summer

The Star Wars franchise has some of the most iconic and recognizable sound effects, from the whoosh of a lightsaber to the bleeps and bloops of R2-D2. So it’s no surprise that musician Eclectic Method has returned to this wonderful pool of sonic samples to create yet another catchy track you’ll be playing on repeat for the rest of the day.


Ewoks, droids, Jedis, Sith lords, lightsabers, spaceships, and explosions all play a part in this densely layered remix. And at this point Eclectic Method could probably compose an entire soundtrack for The Last Jedi using nothing but samples. Maybe it’s time to let John Williams retire.



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There’s nothing catchy or special about that video... I get it, Star Wars sounds are fun and easy to recognize. Look at the work of Pogo. this is taking the concept and actually caring about rhythm, timing and obscuring the source enough for new interpretation for your audible enjoyment.