Reminder: io9 Meetup Tonight in New York City

If you're in the New York area, come out to meet your fellow io9 readers (and editors) this Thursday, the 23rd, from 7-9 PM at The Magician bar.

Charlie Jane and Annalee (that's me) will be in NYC this weekend, and we're dragging Meredith along with us to host the io9 NYC Meetup. We'll be in the back room at The Magician, from 7-9 PM (and probably a little later to be completely honest).


Free drinks to the first ten people who find me (I'll be in my Godzilla tie) and tell me what their favorite new scifi novel or comic book of the past year is. You must be prepared to offer a reason why it is awesome! Depending on how drunk I am, I MAY be persuaded to buy drinks for people who can list a favorite indie scifi movie, but this is not guaranteed.

See you Thursday!

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Josh Wimmer

Everyone be careful: Late at night, when Newitz tells you to choose between the red pill and the blue pill, they're actually both roofies.

I learned that the hard way.