Next week, we'll be meeting here to discuss our March book club pick, Kage Baker's Sky Coyote. This is a book set in her "Company" universe, featuring immortal, time-traveling cyborg historians.

Baker recently passed away; you can read Grey_Area's post about her life here. And here's what Baker had to say about Sky Coyote:

Sky Coyote takes a closer look at the inner workings of [the Company called] Dr. Zeus Incorporated with all its scummy politics, and gives a first glimpse of the 24th-century mortals who issue orders to their immortal operatives ... Sky Coyote arose in part from irritation about certain stereotypes of Native Americans cherished by non-Native Americans. This habit of assuming they're all dead and gone, for example ... which means that non-Native Americans can pay lip service to how noble and spiritually advanced and ecologically responsible they were (remember those commercials with the weeping Indian riding through a polluted landscape?) without actually having to do anything about them, like give back their land; because, sadly, they Are No More. But it's interesting to watch what happens when the sentimental stereotype gets down off the pedestal and actually comes to inconvenient life.


If you want to participate in the book club, just read the book and look for a post here next Tuesday, March 30. The book club discussion will take place in the comments to that post.

To see what we did in previous book club discussions, you can visit our io9 Book Club page.

Want to get started on April's book? It's going to be Infoquake, by David Louis Edelman (Pyr Books). We will meet on April 27 to discuss it, and we hope to have Edelman join us for discussion and questions later that week!