Remember When Star Trek Celebrated Its Anniversary With the Cast of Frasier?

Image: Star Trek: Voyager, “Deadlock” via Trek Core
Image: Star Trek: Voyager, “Deadlock” via Trek Core

Hey. Wanna see something so embarrassing for everyone involved that’ll make you break out in hives?


In 1996, Star Trek turned 30 and had the requisite birthday party where the subject tries desperately to recapture the fun of his or her 20s. Unfortunately, Paramount and CBS decided to do that with the special Star Trek: 30 Years and Beyond. And so, the cast of Frasier (minus Frasier) joined Voyager (minus the crew, save a game Kate Mulgrew) for a sketch with the literal premise of “Frasier, but in space!”

If you look into Mulgrew’s eyes at the end, you can see her crying for help.

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I guess the degree to which you like this sketch depends on how much you like Fraiser... I kinda like Fraiser, so I kinda like this sketch (minus DHP flubbing his lines).

It’s certainly not robbing the character Janeway of her dignity any worse than getting space salamander pregnant.