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Remember when Orson Welles shilled a fantasy board game?

The year was 1981. The game was the (now obscure) wizarding board game Dark Tower. The man was goddamn Orson Welles, who took on some rather unique roles in his golden years. I actually find his maniac enthusiasm for "secret information" way funnier than that frozen peas incident.


[Via The Retroist]

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Erik Sofge


I'm losing my mind. That game was fantastic. My entire family would play it. Granted, we also (most of us) played tabletop RPGs together, but this was our casual version. I was way too young to fully grasp how the game worked, but goddamn did its tinny little sound effects and backlit tarot card art terrify me.

Cyriaque, you have no business implying anything related to this game should be subject to ridicule. No business!!