Remember When CEO Used To Stand For Chief Electricity Officer?

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Labor markets, and the jobs within them, are constantly re-inventing themselves. And sometimes they leave behind curious relics, including the period of time when companies were hiring Chief Electricity Officers.


In response to this post on jobs that once were thriving career paths, but have now gone extinct, commenter KeithA0000 offered this example of a job that sprung up all too briefly:

At one time, large organizations needed another type of CEO - the Chief Electricity Officer. Before there was an accessible and reliable grid to plug into, organizations that needed electricity employed a CEO. They became extinct over 100 years ago...

It's an interesting example of the way job openings ebb and flow with the emergence of new technologies, but it's also an example of how jobs transition. People may not be figure out how companies can best use electricity, but they are employed to figure out new tech, ranging from to social media.

What do you think the jobs 50 years from now will look like? Tell us about the jobs that will disappear, the ones that will stick around, and the ones that will transform into something else entirely.

Image: 1899 picture of Tesla in his Laboratory, Century magazine via wikimedia


I think most jobs in the future will reward more raw intelligence and focus. I'm amazed at the number of doctors and lawyers that still need my high school graduate ass to think for them at times. I'm not a genius or anything. They just spend their time thinking about other things that they specialize in.

Bonus fact: This picture of Tesla is a pre-Photoshop fake. Photographer Dickenson Alley created it by using a double exposure.