You don't? Holy crap, have we got some glorious found footage for you. Featured up top is one in a series of vintage PSAs commissioned in the early 80s by the U.S. Space Foundation to "inform people about the many tangible benefits of NASA's space program." Today, NASA refers to these "down-to-Earth" benefits as "spinoffs" — technologies that do everything from save lives to drive job creation.

The Foundation describes the cast of celebrities it found to appear in these classic TV spots as "eclectic." We think that's an understatement. We also think these ads are absolutely amazing. We've rounded up a few of our favorites here, but you can check out the full collection of vintage celebrity-duo-helmed Space PSAs over at Wired.


For more on NASA spinoffs, see: What the f*ck has NASA done for you lately? More than you think.

[NASA Spinoff + The Space Foundation + The Space Certification Program via Wired]

Willie & Frank, part deux

Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Willie Shoemaker

Ray Charles and Itzhak Perlman

John Madden and Chuck Yeager

Whoopi Goldberg and Helen Hayes