Yesterday, skygazers around the world were treated to a hybrid eclipse – a phenomenon so rare, just seven of the 21st Century's 224 eclipses will meet the part-annular-part-total criteria. Photos and videos of the event have been spilling in from around the world since yesterday morning. Here are a few of our favorites.

The GIF up top is modified from this gorgeous timelapse of the partially eclipsed sunrise as seen from the East Coast, filmed by D.C.-based filmmaker Steve Ellington.

Two fantastic photos by Ben Cooper. These views show the total solar eclipse as seen from 43,000-feet over the Atlantic, aboard a 12-person Falcon 900B jet chartered from Bermuda. See more on

Photographer Janne Pyykkö captured this photo of the eclipse from Gulu Uganda. Pictured in the foreground carrying two plates of local oranges is a local woman who Pyykkö befriended on his visit. Check out Pyykkö's blog here.

This image by Massachusetts-based photographer Chris Cook shows Sunday morning's partial solar eclipse rising behind the Empire State Building in New York City. For more of Cook's work, check out his website and Facebook page.

Sunday's eclipse, as photographed from Tiran, Esfahan, Iran // Photo Credit: Ali Reza Dadkhah Tehrani.

Sunday morning's eclipse as photographed from Buckroe Beach in Hamptom, VA // Photo Credit: Stephen Gagnon.

This composite image by AP Photographer Ben Curtis comprises three multiple-exposure images, and shows the transition from reight to left of a hybrid solar eclipse as seen over Lake Oloidien near Naivasha in Kenya.

Yesterday's eclipse, as seen from Nairobi, Kenya. Photo Credit: AP Photo/Sayyid Azim.

A gorgeous view of yesterday's eclipse as photographed by software engineer and amateur astronomer Tony Rice. According to Rice, who captured this view of the eclipse from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina shortly after sunrise, the "drip" visible on the right side of the eclipse is "an inferior mirage, an inverted image of the sun produced by vertical temperature gradients."

Virginia-based photographer James Currie captured this stunning view of the partial solar eclipse over Norfolk yesterday morning. "I've tried before to shoot a solar eclipse," he tells io9, "but clouds have spoiled it for me every time until [yesterday]." Observers along much of the East Coast were bedeviled by early morning cloud cover, but skygazers like Currie were nonetheless rewarded with views like this one.

Did you capture a great shot of yesterday's eclipse? Post it in the comments!