Relive the Very Best Moments From Star Wars' Epic Comic-Con Panel

It’s the morning after the night before—that night being the night Star Wars: The Force Awakens came to Comic-Con and blew our minds, eyes, and ears. Want to relive the magic? io9 was there in Hall H to capture the most amazing moments for you to feast on.

Up above is our highlights reel, featuring extended footage from the panel as the cast and crew discuss being a part of this momentous movie—yes, including those moments Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford came out onto the stage and knocked Hall H’s collective socks off.

Below is Lucasfilm’s own reel, featuring reactions from JJ Abrams, Harrison Ford (who, speaking of the new trio of heroes, adds “It’s too late for them—life as they knew it is no longer possible!”), Oscar Isaac, and more:

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Man... what if this movie sucks?