Relive the Squishiest Highlights of Ash vs. Evil Dead Season Two in This Gloriously Gross Supercut

Image: Starz
Image: Starz

Starz has yet to reveal the season three premiere date for horror comedy Ash vs. Evil Dead (apparently, even star Bruce Campbell doesn’t know when the show will be back). In the meantime, you can pick up the season two DVD on August 22, and peek at what has to be one of the grossest bonus features ever below.

It’s a quick clip compiling every single horrific and hilarious death scene (plus some barfing for good measure) from season two of what has to be one of the most gleefully gruesome shows ever to grace the airwaves. So, it goes without saying, it’s NSFW and you also probably don’t want to watch it while you’re eating lunch. Still, if you’re an Ash fan, it’s a must-watch. Let’s party!


[Entertainment Weekly]

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Watched it while eating spaghetti. Ain’t no thang.