Release The Fang Bangers — It's A True Blood Sneak Peek!

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Who's ready for some dirt-sexin' slutty vampires? Bill, Sookie, her idiot brother, and fancy face Eric are all all back, with a few new ultra-religious friends, in a True Blood season two preview.


It would appear that most of our favorite characters are in the next season, minus Lizzy and her assets... sorry, fellas. But I'm really excited about the brand-new characters listed in the gallery. Still no word on Lafayette Reynolds, although I think we all know what happened to him. (Don't tell me if you've read the book - I'm trying to experience this televisual goodness as a first timer).

As for the TB newbies, it looks like there's a new tiny t-shirt wearin' waitress, and the folks from The New Light Of Day look amazing. That hair -on both of them - it's fantastic. I can't wait for the campfire-side anti-vampire songs.


And by the way, now that I've almost finished The Wire I have a newfound love for Chris Bauer, and I'm so happy that we have a pic of him doing the freak-nasty in season two - you go, boy. Let's raise a bottle of TB in hopes of great second season. It starts on June 14th.

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And IMO it's 99% better to watch the visual version of something before delving into the print version.

Examples include LOTR, Harry, Watchmen, Jurassic Park, etc...