Relax in the Wake of the Christmas Holiday With This Classic Addams Family Short

An Addams Family Christmas tree. I think it’s nice.
An Addams Family Christmas tree. I think it’s nice.
Image: MGM

Now we’ve celebrated the holiday. But how do the kookiest, gothiest family celebrate? Thanks to MGM, we can take a look.


In advance of Christmas, MGM shared a treat: a classic Addams Family short film, exploring how the household full of misfits enjoy the holidays. Created in 1965, “Christmas With the Addams Family,” directed by Sidney Lanfield and starring Carolyn Jones, John Astin, and Jackie Coogan, is a slice of the classic stuff: pure goth sitcom joy. It plays the reliable Addams gag of being weird but somehow way more wholesome than any normal family would be.

And of course, even they adore Santa Claus. I love it. What a perfect family.

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Opus T. Penguin

This is a less a short film and more clips from the episode called “Christmas with the Addams Family” (Season Two, episode 15.) It aired on ABC (as a full episode) on December 24th of 1965.

It definitely feels like clips as some key moments in the story are missing. Maybe they played it in theaters to get people to tune in?