Rejoice! Pierce Brown Is Planning Another Red Rising Trilogy

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Pierce Brown has been making waves with his fantastic Red Rising trilogy, and now that the third book in the trilogy, Morning Star, has been released, he’s announced that he’s writing three more books!

Brown’s trilogy takes place in a stratified society, where people are divided into color groups. A Red miner named Darrow is elevated to a Gold, and works to bring down society from within.

The next book, titled Iron Gold, will kick off the new trilogy:

In addition to imagining what human colonies on other planets are doing while the Martian drama is going on, Brown wants to dig into “the cracks of civilization” and explore elements he’s only been able to touch on briefly, such as the Mafia-like Syndicate. Plus, the cast of the Iron Gold series will introduce new characters and bring back fan favorites such as Darrow’s loyal friend Sevro and the Gold girl Mustang.


Back in 2014, Universal announced that they were going to film an adaptation of the novel, with Marc Forester at the helm.

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Of course he is, Young Adult books can’t exactly be taxing to write - dystopia, young chosen one hero, hero’s journey plot, 2-dimensional secondary characters, society split into groups - we’re not talking about Dostoevsky or Tolstoy here, let alone Dick, Asimov or Clarke, Simak, Le Guin, Bradbury or Sturgeon.

Anyone with a rudimentary ability to write could sit down and compose a YA ‘novel’ in a couple of months. YA fiction is about as much literature as McDonalds is fine dining.