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Rejoice! Person of Interest Is Bringing Back Shaw For Most of Season 5

Illustration for article titled Rejoice! iPerson of Interest /iIs Bringing Back Shaw For Most of Season 5

Well, the best show on CBS just got even better: When Sarah Shahi left the show in the middle of season four it was for an unspecified period of maternity leave. But she’ll be back as a regular for season five — which may very well be the show’s last.


Shahi told TV Line, “I go back in September — full-time,” adding that she’s probably going to do eight or nine of the truncated season. She also admitted that she had no idea how the show will deal with her return, but we can safely assume that they’ve had one in their back pocket for awhile. After all, they filmed the reveal that Shaw was still alive before she “died.”

It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out, since the show was only renewed as a midseason replacement, and CBS Entertainment Chairman Nina Tassler said today that the number of episodes hasn’t been decided yet. Nor do we know for sure that it’s the final season, although Tassler also said, “We’re not anywhere near having to determine what the last story line will be, but we’ll talk about it when we get there.” Which is promising only in that it at least sounds like there will be enough notice that the writers and producers will have time to plan out a series finale.


And at least they’ll be able to do it with everyone on deck.

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Hooray! Here is hoping Shoot ends up together happily if a bit messed up ever after!