Rejoice! DC's Awesome Omega Men Comic Has Been Saved From Cancelation!

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With last week’s release of December solicitations, DC unveiled a culling of its ongoing comics—eight comics in total were announced as being canceled by the end of the year. But thanks to fans, one of the comics scheduled for cancellation has been saved: The Omega Men, one of DC’s best current comics, lives on!


Tom King and Barnaby Bagenda’s Omega Men has been one of the highlights of DC’s “DC You” revamp earlier this year, a refocus on diversified storytelling across the company. While DC You has given us a more human Superman, and a totally different Batman, it’s also given us the space-opera-slash-moral-minefield that is Omega Men, a dark reboot of the 1980s original, reimagined as a sci-fi thriller that positions the Omega Men as ethically-compromised guerilla fighters striking out against an equally terrible Empire known as the Citadel. It’s rough, engaging stuff, an uncomfortable mirror to the acts of terrorist groups we see in the real world, playing out across the scope of a vast, fantastical galaxy with superheroes and aliens.


It’s been one of the best books of DC’s current output, adored by readers and critics alike, and its cancelation before it could reach its originally-planned 12 issue arc (it would’ve ended with issue #7) caused a massive backlash last week... one so strong that the company have now come out and confirmed that Omega Men will continue for its full run, and maybe even beyond that.

The news was confirmed on Twitter yesterday by DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee, who revealed that following discussion with fellow Co-Publisher Dan DiDio, the series would complete its run—with DiDio chiming in afterwards:

It’s great news that DC listened to their fans, and we’re hopefully going to get rewarded with a much-needed resolution to The Omega Men’s story. Leaving the door open to more stories from them would be neat, but at least there’ll be a sense of conclusion, instead of leaving fans high-and-dry as originally planned.

Now, can we get this groundswell of support to save Sensation Comics and Batman ‘66 from being canceled too? Pretty please?


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