Rejected Saul Bass Posters For The Shining—With Stanley Kubrick's Notes

Saul Bass is a legend of film design; he storyboarded segments of Spartacus and West Side Story, and created some of the most famous credit sequences every to grace the silver screen. He also designed numerous classic movie posters—although director Stanley Kubrick didn't love all of his designs for The Shining.

Thanks to Bobby Solomon of TheFoxIsBlack, DesignBuddy was able to assemble five posters for The Shining that Bass pitched to Kubrick, along with Kubrick's handwritten notes explaining why he rejected each image and logo. You can see the rest, as well as a handwritten letter from Bass over at DesignBuddy. Each image employs the pointillist style that Bass ultimately incorporated into the final poster, but the images he initially chose were not to Kubrick's liking. The notes give us some insight into Kubrick's feedback process and the creation of the final, famous poster.


Here's the typewritten letter Bass included with the posters, with his wonderful fish signature:


And here is the final poster:


A Peek Inside Saul Bass Workflow With Stanley Kubrick [DesignBuddy via OpenCulture via GeekTyrant]

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