Another big star is in talks to join Passengers, the depressing cryo-sleep drama from Jon Spaihts (Prometheus). Which asks: If you were doomed to a lifetime of solitude, would you doom another to your fate just so you wouldn't be lonely?

Heat Vision is reporting that Game of Thrones director Brian Kirk may have landed Reese Witherspoon for his futuristic drama, starring Keanu Reeves. The story focuses on a batch of survivors who take off on a centuries-long space flight to another planet. But mid-flight, a glitch awakens Reeves. But he's 90 years away from their destination and apparently can't go back to frozen sleep. Instead of spending a lifetime alone, Reeves awakens a female passenger (Witherspoon). Which seems like a dick move — but then again, we wouldn't want to spend an eternity alone either.


Witherspoon is reportedly almost locked in, which is surprising as Sandra Bullock was originally rumored for the part. Then again maybe two space movies for Bullock is too many.

Top image from the movie Pandorum.

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