Rediscover Classic SF Tales with Planet Stories

The pulp era gave rise to some of the most exciting, innovative science-fiction ever written, but far too many of these classic SF tales have been lost and nearly forgotten. Planet Stories, an imprint of Paizo Publishing, has been working to change that by putting out novels and short story collections on a monthly basis, many of which have been out of print for decades. If doughty heroes, spunky heroines, and pioneering authors fill your veins with fire and your heart with a lust for adventure, you'll want to check out Planet Stories' upcoming publishing schedule.

You may know Paizo best as the former publisher of Dragon Magazine (until Wizards of the Coast revoked the license last year). Planet Stories is something of a labor of love, as the Paizo editors buy the rights to some of their favorite out-of-print science-fiction and fantasy stories. Most of them are from the pulp era, though there are some more contemporary authors as well. They've got everything from a Robert E. Howard novel to short story collections by authors you may never have heard of. Several less-known authors are getting their due, such as C.L. Moore and Leigh Brackett, who were often overshadowed by their male contemporaries.

You won't find much hard SF in the Planet Stories line-up, and there's a fair amount of sword and sorcery material, but you don't have to look far to find some bizarre interplanetary adventures. Michael Moorcock's City of the Beast, about a physicist who teleports himself to ancient Mars, or Leigh Brackett's The Secret of Sinharat, about a revolution brewing in the Martian Drylands, are excellent examples.


Coming months will see the publication of Brackett's The Hounds of Skaith and The Reavers of Skaith, as well as Otis Adelbert Kline's The Outlaws of Mars and Henry Kuttner's Robots Have No Tails, sort of a robot detective story. Each book costs $12.99, and you can subscribe to Planet Stories and get each edition mailed to you at a discount. Image by: Paizo.

Planet Stories [via Paizo Publishing]


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